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These days, more people than ever seem to feel stressed by the fast-paced nature of the daily grind, not to mention, the difficult stuff that pops up including the stuff that nightmares are made of.

I suffered for years with panic attacks and depression. During my most difficult times the practice of being mindful was introduced to me and Art became my life line. When you’re engaged in art, your mind begins to slow down, your concentration focuses, and you feel more present. I was able to “Just Breathe” and find myself in a safe zen like space.

This art-induced meditative state comes with a slew of benefits, and expressing yourself in creative ways can really enhance your overall well-being. We all have an artistic side waiting to be articulated, and art is a vehicle we can use to heal ourselves and one another. I welcome you to come to a class to take a breather, awaken your creativity and feed your soul!